Best & Popular SoftPhone SIP Client for Free

Best and Popular Free SoftPhone - There are several free softphone that can be used as a sip client. This free softphone, some support for microsoft windows 7 & 8, android, iphone, and linux. And you can try it, some of the following softphone is compatible or not with the SIP-based IP PBX platforms such as Asterisk and Trixbox. 


X-Lite Free voip softphone that is very popular. X-lite is developed by CounterPath Solutions Inc. This
software can be likened to transform the PC/Laptop into a phone. X-lite provides the same benefits as regular telephone to make and receive PC calls. By using a broadband internet connection and audio compression technology (codec), Quality of Service (QoS) which produced almost the same as a traditional telephone. In order to use X-Lite, you must have a SIP enabled IP PBX or access to an Internet Service Provider. X-Lite offering business support for video conferencing via the support forum.

best and popular voip sip softphone free


3CXPhone is one of the best and sip free phone available in 3 versions, that is for microsoft windows, android 2,3 and higher, iphone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. This software is very easy to use for end-user or user-friendly.

Best & popular Voip SIP Softphone Free

Zoiper compatible with most voip service providers and PBX's and runs on a multitude of different platforms (mac, linux or windows. Iphone, android or a browser).  Combine multiple providers for the cheapest route to every destination.

best and popular voip sip softphone free


Linphone is an open source SIP Phone, runs on a multitude of different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Linux, Windows Desktop, MAC OSX) and on web browsers. Provide free SIP Service on that allowing users to make IP audio and video calls.

best and popular voip sip softphone free


Blink is the best real-time communications client using SIP protocol. It can used with many SIP Providers.
There are two options of Blink 
1. Blink for Linux and Windows
2. Blink Pro for Mac OSX 10.9 or higher. This VoIP can be tried for your business.

Best & popular Voip SIP Softphone Free

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Mizutech said...

I can also recommend Mizudroid.
Free, with G.729 included:

Unknown said...

Softphone is all about safety & security of the communication between the persons, So here one more which i want to share is Zangi, This VoIP Softphone application is available for both Android & iOS. Have a look