What is Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

What is SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) - Internet world is not going to stop presenting a variety of important breakthroughs, engagement convergence of various capabilities of voice, video, and data into a single unit. One of the new trends in the Internet network is the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP. SIP is a signaling protocol Internet Protocol network that connects various connections based sessions.

A session can be shaped in a telephone conversation or a broader scale, such as multimedia conferencing session that brings not only sound, but also video.

For several years this community adopting VoIP SIP as a protocol to boost the signal on the Internet. Until now the SIP protocol continues to evolve as the technology has matured, and simultaneously began many technology products available on the market.

SIP protocol actually have one principle, namely simplicity. That is, the network mechanism is developed and used only in accordance with the requirements. In contrast with other telecommunication protocols, SIP protocol evolved purely as a mechanism to build two user sessions that this protocol can be interconnected without the need to know more details of this session.

How it works is simple, can be used by anyone who understands the mechanism of the network or who diligently follow the rules of the SIP protocol through guide books. SIP protocol execution is done through initiation to connect the network, terminate and modify sessions internet telephony conversations.   

The simplicity of the SIP protocol allows to run on multiple platforms and works as a protocol request and response are closely linked to other internet protocols, HTTP and SMTP which controls the World Wide Web and e-mail.

Like a water faucet, the SIP protocol works by opening the tap, the water flowing through the pipe, accommodated at the end of the pipe, so the reservoir is full, the tap is closed again. Because of its simplicity, the SIP protocol capable of running over a wireless the network system, including satellite the network system, with excellent sound quality equivalent of GSM.

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