How to choose VoIP provider for business

VOIP is an acronym Voice Over IP, or more general phone service via the Internet or a local computer network.

VOIP can provide benefits for business, such as:

1. Low call cost. In some cases a local call and even free international calls.
2. Low cost if you want to change and move the VOIP phone network. 
3. Increased functionality and integration with other IT business systems. 
4. The ability to have a PSTN-line telephone number and can be worn anywhere. 
5. Low infrastructure costs. VOIP reduce traditional scheme - two separate cabling system, one for voice and one for data into one cable for voice and data 
6. Can be used in the long term and is to be developed in the future. 

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunk provide cost savings more than the regular phone. By using a SIP trunk, the caller does not need to pay toll normal phone, but only need to pay toll at a very cheap VOIP.

SIP Trunk is a high-quality phone line is comparable with premium quality digital telephone. SIP Trunk providers usually provide voice and data network connection to the customer, in order to control the quality of voice service was good overall.

Understand the services provided by the VoIP provider 

Some of the services that need to be understood in choosing a VoIP provider, example :
1. Telephone Services (Domestic and International) 
2. DID dan DOD Service
3. Cloud-Based/Hosted Contact Center Services
4. Cloud-Based/Hosted PBX Services
5. Cloud-Based/Hosted Teleconference Services
6. PBX Trunking Services     
7. Cloud-Based/Hosted Call Broadcast Services 

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